National Cadet Corps of India Youth Exchange Program

The 3rd-year student of the EP “International Relations” of KAFU Madiyar Mukanov as part of a group of cadets of the military department of D. Serikbaev EKTU, from January 16 to 19, 2024, takes part in the youth exchange program organized by the National Cadet Corps of India.

Such exchange programs have been carried out within the framework of a bilateral international agreement between the Republic of Kazakhstan and India since 2016. The purpose of this event is to exchange experience in nurturing the military-patriotic spirit of young cadets studying at higher military educational institutions, cadets of military departments, and youth. This year, representatives from 25 countries are participating in the event. The event program includes various activities including attendance at national events, interaction with dignitaries, and sightseeing at various places of historical and cultural significance in India.

Participants will also visit three Indian cities: Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur, known for their rich culture, history, and heritage. The program provides a presentation of the participating countries, including a presentation of cultural characteristics, history, and ways of economic and political development. The delegations will take part in India’s largest Independence Day parade, where each delegation will march with the flag of the country they represent while displaying their national dress uniform.

Department of Law and International Relations