Regional Competition “Future Lawyer” among College Students of East Kazakhstan Region

On February 27, the regional competition “Future Lawyer” was held at the Kazakh-American Free University among college students of the East Kazakhstan region as part of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the college.

The most prepared and competitive, talented students, creatively capable students in the major of “Jurisprudence” took part in the competition.

The organizers of the competition were the Center for Vocational Education of the East Kazakhstan region, the Higher College of KAFU, the regional methodological association of teachers of the basics of social sciences.

The competition consisted of 3 stages: at the first stage, the teams presented to the jury prepared business cards of the team – videos on the topic: “My Profession is My Pride”, at the second stage, the participants performed one of the situational tasks in the branches of law, and already at the third stage the participants worked practically, applying their forensic skills.

The competition was attended by the teams of Kumash Nurgaliyev Higher College, S. Amanzholov Higher College of the East Kazakhstan University, and the Higher College of KAFU.

Chairman of the jury: Kuzbosynova A.R. – Judge of the Specialized Court for Administrative Offenses of the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk, East Kazakhstan region.

Jury members:

  1. Utepova Z. Sh. – Deputy Head of “Center for Vocational Education of the East Kazakhstan region”;
  2. Nurmukhambetova Қ.Қ. – senior lecturer of the department “Jurisprudence” S. Amanzholov East Kazakhstan University;
  3. Kapzhaparov A.Z. – Deputy for personnel policy of the linear police department at the station Oskemen-1 DP in transport;
  4. Tugelbaeva A.S. – senior detective of the the Irtysh Police Department, police major;
  5. Zhunuspekov E.M. – Lecturer at the Department of Law and International Relations of the Kazakh-American Free University

Competition results:

  • Team “Detective” (S. Amanzholov Higher College of the East Kazakhstan University) – Grand Prix;
  • Team “Territory of Law” (Kumash Nurgaliyev Higher College) – 1st place;
  • Team “Elementary!” (Higher College of KAFU) – 2nd place;
  • Team “Territory of Law” (S. Amanzholov Higher College of the East Kazakhstan University) – 3rd place.

Higher College of KAFU