School mediation courses are growing in popularity

As a sustainable result of the grant project funded by the US Embassy “Development of school mediation services as a way of resolving conflicts and creating a culture of tolerant behavior,” massive open online courses on the topics “Mediation and Law” and “Psychological and Pedagogical Foundations of School Mediation” were prepared for everyone. These MOOCs are presented on the educational platform and are open to those who are interested in the issues of conflict resolution in educational institutions.

Deputy Director for Educational Work of the KSU “Zevakinsky Complex” General Education Secondary School-Kindergarten” of the Education Department for the Shemonaikha District of the East Kazakhstan Institution Oksana Georgievna Khoreva completed the course “Mediation and Law”. Oksana Georgievna, being a direct participant in the educational system, actively introduces mediation methods of conflict resolution in her school. According to the feedback of the trainee, the course was compiled at a high professional level and the knowledge gained will be presented in a textbook on school mediation for social educators. Upon completion of the course, the student was issued a certificate confirming completion of this MOOC within 75 hours.

We invite everyone to complete the courses!

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