Seminar on the Topic “Practical Aspects of Using CLIL Technology”

On November 1, 2023, within the framework of the International Scientific Congress “World Education and Science: Joint Overcoming of Global Challenges,” a seminar was held on the topic “Practical Aspects of Using CLIL Technology” under the guidance of Senior Lecturer Anna A. Oskolkova. As part of the seminar, 4th year students of the educational program “Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages” reviewed and presented creative approaches to working with authentic texts. For example, the students presented their creative approaches, including methods of working with graphic organizers to create tasks of varying levels of difficulty. These methods are effective tools for stimulating interest in language and culture, as well as for increasing student motivation.

It was also noted at the seminar that the use of such innovative methods contributes to the diversified development of students’ language skills, improving their level of perception and understanding of a foreign language.

Department of Foreign Languages