Temirbek Zhurgenov is 125 Years Old

February 25, 2023 marks the 125th anniversary of the birth of Temirbek Zhurgenov, a prominent statesman and public figure, teacher and journalist who made an invaluable contribution to the development of education, culture and literature in Kazakhstan. The round table dedicated to the anniversary date was held the day before at the Media Hub of the Kazakh-American Free University. Students and teachers of the EP “Journalism” discussed the influence of Zhurgenov’s personality on the development of modern journalism, publications devoted to describing his biography and work.

As part of this event, Milena Khalygova (graduate of KAFU EP “Journalism”, master’s student of the EP “Russian Language and Literature”), and Berik Sarsekov (student of the EP “Journalism”) prepared video reports, which can be found on the KAFU Youtube channel.

Department of Pedagogy and Psychology