The Results of the Regional Olympiad “Polyglot”

On December 23, 2022, the annual regional Olympiad “Polyglot” in Kazakh, Russian and English among students of the 8th grade was held at the Kazakh-American Free University. The Olympiad was held in two stages: writing – the performance of test tasks, and speaking – a conversation on the topic in three languages.

120 schoolchildren took part in the Olympiad, 30 of which were allowed to participate in the second round.

Olympiad Results:

1st place
Alexandra SerokhvostovaSchool-lyceum # 1, Ridder
Polina StefanenkoSecondary school # 24
Mansur AdilbekovAmanzholov secondary school 
2nd place
Ilya SonGumilev gymnasia # 10
Dana SultanbekovaSchool-lyceum # 1, Ridder 
Sayara Zhakupova Secondary school # 36
Esma NogaibayevaPrivate business school “Istok”
Dana Kainarkyzy Opytnoye Pole seconady school, Glubokoye region
Nazerke Agzambek Novo-Irtyshsk secondary school, Glubokoye region
3rd place
Nazerke KenzhebekobaSchool-gymnasia # 12 
Ainaz Dyusenbekkyzy Gumilev gymnasia # 10
Andrey Pavlov School-lyceum # 11 
Aisulu Karabayeva Secondary school # 46
Aruzhan Ayazbayeva Comprehensive school # 47
Aida Maitabayeva Comprehensive school # 30
Alidana Dyusembayeva  Predgornoye secondary school # 1, Glubokoye region
Ayala Mamyrbek Amanzholov secondary school 
Alexandra Chepurnova Beloussovka secondary school, Glubokoye region, East Kazakhstan 

Congratulations to the winners and we wish you further success in learning languages!

Department of Foreign Languages

Department of Pedagogy and Psychology