The field of services specializes in the basics of theory about the organization of recreation, drawing up a tourist product, development of tourist trips, combining the activities of management and marketing.

Academic degree: Bachelor’s Degree in Services

Code and name of the educational program: 6B11101 “Tourism”

Elective subjects:

After School: Geography, Foreign Language         
After College: Geography, Tourism Management

Form and duration of studying:  

Full-time (after school) – 4 years     
On the basis of TPE (after college) full-time, shortened – 3 years 
On the basis of HE (after university) full-time, shortened – 2 years

Description of the educational program:

The specialty of “tourism” implies professional activities related to the organization and conduct of tourist trips and travel, as well as leisure and recreation. Usually the curriculum includes the study of various aspects of tourism, such as geography and history of tourism, psychology and sociology of tourism, economics of tourism, marketing of tourism, organization of tourist events, hotel management, cultural tourism, ecotourism, sports tourism and others.

To work in this field it is necessary to have an appropriate education in the field of tourism or business. Important skills are communication skills, teamwork skills, knowledge of foreign languages, sales skills, organizational skills and the ability to work with clients.

Career Opportunities:

Tourism graduates can work in various fields of tourism and hospitality, such as: travel agencies, where they sell travel services, travel and organize travel itineraries for clients; the hospitality industry, where they organize and manage hotels, hotels, resorts and other hospitality facilities; tour operators, who organize and conduct tourist events such as tours, cruises, sports and cultural events, festivals.

6B11101 Tourism