When Cultures Meet

From January 16 to January 19, 2023, the training “When Cultures Meet” was held at the Kazakh-American Free University to certify participants as an international trainer. The Candidate Trainer Workshop was hosted by Susan Stewart, PhD, Organizational Development Expert and When Cultures Meet Master Trainer. To participate in the seminar, a team of potential candidates from different cities of the country was selected, who, upon successful certification, will themselves act as trainers of the “When Cultures Meet” seminar in institutions and organizations in various regions of the country.

The “When Cultures Meet” workshop aims to identify communication and relationship issues that arise in any community or organizational setting where there is a diversity of viewpoints. Through the analysis of their daily experiences, the workshop participants learned to get the best out of themselves and use this best to increase the effectiveness of their participation in organizational activities, while improving the overall effectiveness of the organization. The experience of the seminar participants, the experience of adapting the seminar materials for other languages, the experience of passing international certification as a trainer will increase the professional contribution of candidates in the performance of their duties, as well as significantly enhance their contribution to the development of peaceful societies.

Department of International Cooperation