Congratulations on Your Book Release!

The library of our university has its own history. The main fund of educational and scientific literature is stored here, here you can find methodological, scientific, educational works of our university faculty members. The KAFU library has both permanent expositions, where you can see the publications of the President of KAFU, its founder, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Yerezhep Mambetkaziev, and expositions dedicated to certain dates or events. For each significant event of the university, the library also provides thematic exhibitions – “Teacher’s Day”, “125 years of Mukhtar Auezov”, “Independence Day”, etc.

For several years, our university has also been training bachelors in the program “Archivalistics and Library and Information Activities.” This new and promising educational program is aimed at training specialists in various fields of information storage. The Almaty publishing house “Lantar Trade” published a textbook “History of Librarianship”. The author is Gulzhanat Nauryzbaeva . The experience of digitalization of the KAFU library was also presented for publication in the international journal “ULY DALA USTAZY”, and the author of the article – Gulzhanat Nauryzbaeva – was awarded a diploma of the 1st degree.

Congratulations and wishes of future creative success!

Department of Pedagogy and Psychology