Day 1C: Careers

On November 24, 2022, students of educational programs of the Department of Business of the Kazakh-American Free University took part in the annual event «Day of 1C: Careers – 2022».

«Day of 1C: Careers» is a great opportunity to start your career in information technology. Today, the 1C industry provides an opportunity to engage in interesting work, to solve various management and accounting problems using the advanced, constantly evolving 1C program system. Young professionals get a unique opportunity to quickly gain useful experience, prove themselves in real business and achieve significant and professional career growth within a few years.

By attending the event, the students learned how to work in «1C: Franchisees», got acquainted with olympiads and competitions for diploma projects in 1C, set “clear goals” for themselves to achieve success, learned how to properly present themselves in an interview, received information about current and prospective vacancies, including those with flexible working hours.

Students also attended workshops on the rapidly developing business process automation industry using the «1C: Enterprise» platform on mobile development on the 1C: Enterprise platform (IT branch) for programmers, and how to quickly automate sales accounting in an enterprise (economic branch) for economists and accountants.

Everyone was given the opportunity to test their knowledge and get «1C: Professional» certification. After the event, students received certificates of participation.

Department of Business