Head of the Business Department

Бордияну Илона Владимировна

Full name: Bordiyanu Ilona Vladimirovna – PhD,

Head of “Business” department

Address: M.Gorkiy str/ 76. 401


Phone number: 8/7232/50-28-58

Bordiyanu Ilona Vladimirovna was born in 1976, she has higher education, PhD.  Experience of teaching activities – 15 year. In 2001 she graduated from Central Asian university in Almaty on major “Finance and Credit” with qualification “ Economist”. From 2001 to 2004 she learned at Master program in Kazakh American free university on major “Management”. From 2004 to 2011 she was a manager of international department of Kazakh American free university. In 2011 she successfully defended doctoral thesis on theme “ Improving the organization and management of distance learning in higher education of the Republic of Kazakhstan” and in April 2012 by she received the scientific degree of PhD in Economy and business. Form February 2011 she was appointed as a head of “Business” department. While working at KAFU she actively participated in professional development programs of the University, participating in various seminars, conferences and development.

High theoretical and methodological level of teaching lectures, practical exercises, the use of the latest scientific and economic literature, new ways of presenting information, specialized periodicals characterize Bordiyanu I.V. as competent, meets the requirements for employees of higher education teachers. During the work as teacher Bordiyanu I.V. developed and taught the following courses: On bachelor program: “Finance”, “Corporate Finance”, “Financial Management”; on master’s program: “Theory of Finance”, “International financial markets”, “Corporate Finance”. Courses are provided with the necessary scientific and methodological documentation. Bordiyanu I.V. along with educational works successfully engaged in scientific activities, participated in international scientific conferences, published articles in journals, actively involved in organizing and conducting student research conferences. She is the author of more than 55 published scientific methodological works. Creative potential of Bordiyanu I.V. distinguished by a high level of professionalism, good organizational skills, initiative, desire to improve the learning process, the introduction of new ideas and technologies.