Mission of the Department of Business

Implementing the lifelong learning concept and introducing innovative student-centered approaches to education, the mission of the Business Department is to train highly qualified graduates in the field of economics, management, finance, public administration, tourism and IT, prepared to address current economic challenges and be competitive in the labor market of Kazakhstan and beyond.

The vision of the Business Department includes the following:

  • providing high-quality educational programs;
  • arranging special opportunities for students to learn English as well as information technologies, besides professional disciplines, for the purpose of professional mobility in the process of globalization;
  • maintaining international perspective and global awareness for all teachers and students,
  • encouraging academic freedom;
  • promoting and enabling the development of individual potential of each student;
  • and supporting all academic endeavors with adequate learning resources.


  • Cultivating the University-community environment through open communication, recognition of common interest, demonstrating appreciation for individuals’ aspiration and the sense of acceptance.
  • Nurturing leadership, especially the principles and practice of servant leadership.
  • Promoting excellence by holding to the highest standards of quality in educational programs and offerings, maintaining academic and professional integrity.
  • Embracing collegiality through mutual cooperation and joint activities in decision making process, building team spirit, trust and freedom.
  • Celebrating international partnership through adapting international standards and methods of education, attracting of foreign teachers and active participation of students and teachers in international business programs.