Story of our life in Kafu

2017 will be the year of my graduation from Kazakh-American Free University. The University for me became a place of acquiring knowledge and skills and something that opened up new horizons for me. Here I met a lot of wonderful people who had significant influence on me.

Choosing the University, in the first place, I was guided by feedback on the quality of teaching, teaching staff and comfortable atmosphere established in the school. And the title ” KAFU Graduate ” is appreciated by employers of the city and the republic.

The university supports non-academic activities of students, a lot of events, entertaining students’ evenings, and specialized clubs that educate professional skills.

I believe that having chosen Kazakh-American Free University, I gained the skills and knowledge necessary for a modern person in modern society.

Alexander Sklyarov 

I dreamed of being a lawyer since my childhood, because I have only lawyers in my family. I decided to choose this university on the advice of my brother, who at that time was a student of KAFU and spoke well of the teaching staff of our university. During the training I always tried to take an active part in the life of KAFU, I liked it, all the conferences, events, olympiads. Here we develop mentally and spiritually. The social and cultural life of our university, I believe, is very developed. Everyone treat their duties with great love and responsibility. This university has become my second home.

Lyazzat Khayrullina


Learn and, when the time comes, apply what is learned to the matter – is it not wonderful!


In 2014, I graduated Kazakh-American Free University, and those student years were a very important stage in my life.

I chose this university because I knew that here I could get a decent education. It is in this educational institution that there are all possibilities for self-realization and self-development. And I’m very pleased with my choice.

Now I’m majoring in “Jurisprudence”, the department has very strong teaching staff. And I was convinced that these people know their business! During the training I was able to learn a lot from them. I am sure that after graduating the University, I will get a stable, well-paid job, and the title “KAFU Graduate” will be appreciated by employers with dignity.

But it’s not just about knowledge and work. In my University, I constantly get the opportunity to develop not only my mind, but my soul as well. I am surrounded by interesting and versatile people, with them I grow up and become a more worthy representative of modern society. Our social and cultural life at the university is in full swing, and I was very fortunate that I was able to take an active part in it and contribute.

My university is a place where I could realize myself. For me, this is my second home, because here I spent most of the time doing my favorite thing.

So, these walls became native for me, and the years of studying at KAFU will always be kept in my memory!

Farida Migmanova

When I was a child, I dreamed of being a lawyer and planned to enter the law department, but I still had not decided on the university. So after graduating high school there were several choices for university. At the request of my parents, I entered EKSTU, but fortunately then transferred to Kazakh-American Free University in the end. On the first day of school we met our classmates, and our group turned out to be very large. But the group number has decreased throughout the years. The first seven weeks of the first semester passed quickly and the rating week arrived, which was awful. But after all we got used to it. In general, the first year was very unusual. School hours were replaced by 2 hour classes, school teachers with professors, tests, ratings, exams … There were no more “4” and “5”, there were double-valued grades and credit education system. Teachers of our department of Law and International Relations taught us a lot about what we need to know in our profession, how to be competent specialists. There were a lot of interesting things. In general, life in the university was very interesting. Various activities took place. Every year a conference was held, where each student could write an article on any relevant topic. In fact, studying at the university was not as terrible as we were told at school. Here I spent my student years, as they say, the best years of life. It was nice that, as a student, you get more freedom and at the same time responsibility. During these 4 years there were a lot of good things and not really good, but I’m very thankful for everything. With pride I say that I am a graduate of Kazakh-American Free University!

Ayaulym Makhmutova

I was faced with the choice of which University suits me after the end of grade 11 and the passing of the UNT. I wanted to know the essence of the specialty of a lawyer, letter of the law and skills of helping people. I was motivated by personal interest, desire and ambition. I also wanted to improve English in parallel, so there was no better University for all this.

Student years brought me a whole storm of emotions, impressions, contacts and knowledge. Pedagogical team has pleased me most of all. When you first talk with them, you immediately understand what level of intelligence they have, and how much you still do not know.

I tried to participate in all events, scientific conference, Olympiads. This raises the personal level of development and creates new slats in front of you. My father always told me to communicate with people who are smarter than me, and someday with due obstinacy you will become smarter than them.

Some of our classes were held in a non-standard style, that allowed to improve the level of other languages, skills of communication and leadership at the same time. This made me very happy because it allows you to think extraordinarily and creatively.

In general, I am glad that I was at KAFU. Here I became more confident, more intelligent, more friendly, which is undoubtedly very important in my subsequent innovations in life.

Nikolay Strakatov

It was the year of 20ХХ, I gave a speech on behalf of KAFU college students at the celebration of Marshal Christensen’s anniversary. At the beginning of the speech I said that as a child I was driving past the KAFU building on Bazhova, and I could not imagine that I would study here, but first things first.

In the summer of 2008, I entered the KAFU college on budgetary basis, specializing in the organization of hotel services and tourist complexes. 4 years later, I graduated from college with a diploma with honors and found a job according to my specialty. I managed to present myself well at work, thanks to the knowledge that I got in college, the knowledge of English played one of the especially decisive roles. Despite this, I realized that I need to move on.

Therefore, in 2012 I entered KAFU itself majoring in “International Relations”. I would single out three main components that made my training at KAFU one of the best periods in my life. Firstly, they are people who shared their knowledge and experience with us all the time. Teachers of different generations with different approaches to teaching conveyed the manifestation of the highest level of professionalism, which motivated us to learn more and more persistently. Secondly, the presence of foreigners and the possibility of traveling abroad. Foreign teachers have expanded our knowledge not only in the context of the majors we were studying, but our worldview in general. During my time at the university I twice took advantage of the opportunity to travel abroad, which allowed me to improve my level of English. The experience gained abroad made a strong impression on me and motivated me. Thirdly, it’s classmates. People with whom, I passed exams, tests, and final paper defense. We had a lot of fun together both at the university and outside. I’m so glad that we still keep in touch and, when possible, gather together to remember the student years and, of course, for new IR adventures.

Sagidoldin Kanat

Before joining KAFU, I graduated East Kazakhstan Law College. After graduating the college I had a difficult decision in front of me, I had to choose a university. And KAFU turned out to be the most worthy university for me. It was here that I spent my best student years, the best years of life. The first person with whom I met on the line on September 1 was Bakyt Berdinova who was my classmate and dear friend.

     The first year of study was very unusual, there was a new thing for me: the college used usual assessments as in school, and KAFU used credit system. Bakyt Berdinova was my “deskmate” from the very beginning of academic year and up till the end of it. With Bakyt, we conquered many peaks, did everything together.

First winter exams seemed very difficult, because we were nervous to answer in front of teachers, then we still did not know them well and their requirements for answers.

      After the end of the first year, I realized that studying in KAFU is just a fairy tale for me.

    I remember one moment, it was March 8, first year, our curator then was Dinara Altayevna Dutbayeva, we all gathered to congratulate her on this beautiful day, everything went well, when suddenly the boys jumped up and left the room, we did not understand a thing, we just sat and looked at each other, suddenly the door opened and the boys entered with roses and postcards, it was unexpected and very pleasant.

      During these 4 years, a lot of good things happened. Education flew quickly, merry days spent in KAFU, tests, exams, conferences and events ended. I am very glad that these 3 years I spent in KAFU, it is the best and most wonderful university in the city. There are very strong, good and kind teachers here, especially teachers of Law and International Relations Department.

       Student life is a student life after all!

Yekaterina Ryabinina


In 2018 I am going to graduate from the Kazakh-American Free University, where student years were an important part of my life.

Student years are the funniest and the most carefree time in human life. And KAFU helped me to make sure of this! The University provides great opportunities for its students to self-actualize and manifest themselves. Unfortunately, not all students use it!

For all the years of study there were no disciplines that would not be interesting for me or would not be needed in the future. With each year of studying it became only more fascinating, we were given more and more independence and opportunities to prove ourselves.

I am grateful to my teachers for the knowledge they have invested in us, for the fact that they have found their own approach to each student. Attention and care were combined with severity. In addition to the fact that our teachers are true professionals and experts in their field, they are also amazing, interesting, versatile people who are always ready to support and understand in a difficult situation, but who remain strict and equitable Teachers.

I have never regretted about the choice of the University and specialty. 

KAFU helped me to realize my old dream of becoming a lawyer with a high level of knowledge. I am sure that knowledge acquired in the walls of our University will help me to realize myself in the profession, to become a competent specialist and to improve my professional skills every year.   

Yevgeniya Safonova

Every day was filled with events that are simply impossible to enumerate. Of course, everything began with lectures and seminars. Some we were afraid to go to, especially if we did not prepare the homework again, some we would run to 10 minutes before the start of the class, so that we would have extra time for topics, discussions and questions … Things were different. It seemed we had aged twenty years from studying too hard for some exams. However, we were together for all four years and it saved us. Together we did homework, together failed exams, together stalked the teachers, only to be allowed to pass non – memorable norms of the Criminal Code once again after the class.

Zarina Merzhakypova