Internship Bases

Professional internship is aimed at consolidating theoretical knowledge obtained at university, acquisitioning practical skills and competencies, as well as adopting innovative experience. Internships of the department are divided into the following types: academical, pedagogical, industrial and pre-diploma.

The department has contracts with organizations, which correspond with student training profile and requirements of the educational program. Organizations must have qualified staff to curate interns, as well as material and technical base.

Internship bases are the following: Schools № 9, 29, 46, school lyceum № 3, KAFU College, East Kazakhstan Regional Sports School in Summer Sports, East – Kazakhstan Regional Specialized Sports School of Olympic Reserve in Team Sports, East Kazakhstan Regional Specialized Sport School of Olympic Reserve in Weightlifting, Family and Children Support Center, “Hope” psychological center, military unit 6699, “Ustinka plus” newspaper, “Shygys akparat”, “Region” publishing house, Republican Television and Radio Corporation “Kazakhstan”.