Language and Culture Semester Abroad Course

Program Description:  This flexible program allows students to study abroad for one semester and engage in intensive Russian or Kazakh language study while being immersed in the culture of Kazakhstan.  The program can give up to 18 hours of course credit, including language courses, cultural studies, and other general education courses taken at KAFU.  The program includes weekly cultural activities and opportunities to take courses in local languages.  The program benefits include:

  • Up to 30 hours per week of intensive language study (with time split between working with an individual professional tutor, working with a native speaker study partner, and practical assignments – giving up to 12 credit hours of language study credit);
  • Opportunity to take two additional general education courses taught in Russian or Kazakh (3 – 6 hours);
  • 3 hours per week of cultural studies, including local cultural excursions and activities (3 hours).

Cost:  $1,000 for one semester, not including living, visa and travel expenses.  Students studying at a university with a bilateral tuition waiver agreement with KAFU can, upon approval, study tuition free at KAFU for one semester.

 Application requirements and process:  International students interested in studying in the Language and Culture Semester Abroad Course at KAFU must be currently enrolled in any Bachelor’s level program at their home university.  They should be able to submit a transcript indicating the courses they have already completed.  Students should also complete and submit an agreement with KAFU. Students may study Russian or Kazakh at any level, and will be required to take a proficiency exam after their arrival at KAFU.  Russian or Kazakh classes will be taught using English, so students must be able to pass an English proficiency exam, demonstrating at least an intermediate level of English (this does not apply to students from English speaking countries).

 Schedule:  This program operates in the fall semester (September – December) and spring semester (mid January to mid May).

 Academic credit:  Students will receive an official transcript from KAFU showing the courses they studied during the semester, including up to 12 hours of language credit.  KAFU is fully accredited by the Ministry of Education of Kazakhstan and is a recognized institution internationally.  As such, credit from courses taken at KAFU are generally easy to transfer back to the student’s home university.