Master’s in Information Systems

Program Description:  International students can enroll full-time in KAFU’s 1-year Master’s in Information Systems Program, which is fully accredited both in Kazakhstan and the United States, and receive an internationally recognized Master’s degree in Information Systems.  All courses in the program are taught in English.  International students are also automatically enrolled in an “IT Perspectives” course, which introduces students to a variety of examples of how information systems are implemented in Kazakhstan businesses.  International students interested in studying local languages (Russian or Kazakh) may also sign up for separate language courses offered at KAFU.  The program benefits include:

  • Full enrollment in KAFU’s 1-year Master’s in Information Systems Program.  All courses are taught in English;
  • Enrollment in an “IT Perspectives” course, which includes monthly visits to sites using various IT platforms in their business or organization.

 Curriculum:  The program requires the following two subjects: 

  • Management
  • Planning applications of information systems

 The program requires an additional four elective subjects chosen from the following: 

  • Organization and planning of research
  • Computer systems and telecommunications networks
  • Analysis and modeling of information processes
  • Software
  • Modern environments and programming languages

 Along with this coursework, students must engage in research – either in Kazakhstan or in their home country – and prepare and defend a Master’s level thesis or project.

 Cost:  $1,500 for one year, not including living, visa and travel expenses.

 Application requirements and process: International students interested in studying in the Master’s in Information Systems program must have a Bachelor’s Degree in any technical field from an accredited university in their country.  Students must also be able to pass language proficiency exams, demonstrating at least an advanced-intermediate level of English (this does not apply to students from English speaking countries).

 Schedule:  This program is run each academic year, from September 1 to May 31.  Students who are able to complete their coursework prior to May 31 are free to return to their home country to complete their research and the writing of their thesis or project paper.  This thesis/project paper can often be defended on-line over the Internet and does not require returning to Kazakhstan.

 Academic credit:  International students who successfully complete the Master’s in Information Systems program will receive a Master’s in Information Systems degree from KAFU, which is fully accredited by the Ministry of Education of Kazakhstan.  Students will also receive an official transcript from KAFU.