Graduate and Post-Graduate Education

The organization of the educational process of postgraduate education specialties is carried out by the departments of “Business”, “Foreign Languages”, “Law and International Relations”, “Pedagogy and Psychology”.

Every year, teachers from the USA, Canada, and the UK participate in the educational process and research of undergraduates, scientific consulting of doctoral students. Foreign specialists also conduct training seminars, round tables on the exchange of experience, participate in international scientific and practical conferences of the KASU.

The results of dissertation research of undergraduates and PhD doctoral students are tested at international scientific and practical conferences held annually on the basis of the University within the framework of the International Scientific Congress, the Forum of Young Scientists, the Regional Scientific and Practical Conference of Educators, publications in the Republican journal “Bulletin of KASU”, included in the List of publications recommended by the Committee for Control in the Field of Education and Sciences of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (until 2012) and in the scientific journal KAFU “KAFU Academic Journal”, registered in the Library of Congress of the USA.


Master’s degree programs are implemented according to educational programs:

  • 7M04101, 7M04102 “Management”,
  • 7M04201, 7M04202 “Jurisprudence”,
  • 7M01701, 7M01702 “Foreign language: two foreign languages”,
  • 7M04103, 7M04104 “Finance”,
  • 7M06101, 7M06102 “Information systems”,
  • 7M03101, 7M03102 “International relations”,
  • 7M02301, 7M02302 “Translation business” ,
  • 7M03103, 7M03104 “Psychology”,
  • 7M01703, 7M01704 “Kazakh language and literature”,
  • 7M01705, 7M01706 “Russian language and literature”.

The training is conducted full-time. The training period is 1 and 2 years, depending on the training profile.

Profile direction of the magistracy

The profile direction of the master’s degree is a one—year (one and a half-year) program, which is aimed at professional specialization in the chosen field. To obtain a diploma within a year, a master’s student must master a theoretical course, complete a professional internship, as well as perform experimental research and defend a master’s thesis.

The profile direction of the magistracy implements educational programs of postgraduate training for the branches of economics, law, services and business with in-depth professional training. In this direction, the educational program of MBA (Master of Business Administration) of the Career and Personality Development Center of KASU is also being implemented.

Scientific and pedagogical direction of the magistracy

The scientific and pedagogical direction of the master’s degree is a two—year program that implements educational programs of postgraduate training for the system of higher, postgraduate education and the research sector with in-depth scientific and pedagogical training.

Within the framework of this program, a master’s student receives a thorough research training, which gives him the right to engage in research and scientific and pedagogical activities, including teaching at a higher school. During the training, a master’s student masters a theoretical course, goes through professional practice, performs research work and defends a master’s thesis. Persons who have mastered the Master’s degree programs and defended a master’s thesis are awarded the academic degree “Master”.

Doctoral studies

The PhD program of KASU in the specialties 8D04201 “Jurisprudence” and 8D04101 “Management” has been implemented jointly with foreign partner universities since 2007. Teaching in the doctoral program is conducted mainly in English, with the exception of disciplines requiring the use of another language of instruction.

The training period is 3 years.

Academic degree – Doctor of PhD.

Contact information: 070004, Republic of Kazakhstan, Ust-Kamenogorsk, M. Gorky str., 76, (7232) 50-50-14