Educational Press Conference of Journalists “Results of the KAFU Academic Year”

The students of the Kazakh-American Free University have completed the second rating week, the academic year is coming to an end, internship, exams and holidays are ahead. It’s time to make a conclusion.

Within the framework of the discipline “Introduction to PR” run by the teacher of the department of “Pedagogy and Psychology” Misevra L.A. an educational press conference was held on the topic “Results of the KAFU Academic Year” for 1st year students, EP “Journalism”.

For the organization of the training session, the technology of project activities in the system of students’ professional training was chosen. At the preparatory stage, the students were briefed on the preparation and holding of a special event for the media, the stages and algorithm for the implementation of project activities were determined, the performers and those responsible for solving educational problems were appointed. The students were divided into three creative groups: press service, company employees and journalists. At the first stage, the Brainstorming technology was used to develop the concept of the event – an informational occasion and the topics of the main speakers were chosen: “Risk Assessment: How Not to Merge before and during Exams?”, “The Most Memorable Events of the Year”, “How to Successfully Complete an Internship ?

All accompanying basic and image PR documents were prepared: a press release, an invitation for journalists, texts of speeches, a registration form for participants, a press wall, a press folder, souvenirs, etc.

During the implementation phase of the project, the students immersed themselves in a role-playing game. Some of them represented the organizers of the press conference, others were the leading mass media of Ust-Kamenogorsk (including journalists, photographers, cameramen). The rules of the meeting were strictly observed, the time for questions and a free microphone was determined.

The students approached the preparation of the event very responsibly, the speeches of the speakers were interesting and informative, the journalists asked clarifying and deep questions, and after the meeting the final materials were prepared. Everyone was a little worried and made some mistakes. At the end of the lesson, the participants gave a feedback. Students themselves noted positive and negative points. However, the first experience of participating in organizing and holding a press conference was certainly a success. The participants gained invaluable experience, understood what they still have to work on in order to better master their future profession. Hard to learn – easy to work!

Department of Pedagogy and Psychology