Graduates speaking

Dear graduates!

Here you can leave your wishes to university! Also we ask you to write about your current workplace of employment to all visitors could see the success of KAFU graduates! Let the whole world know about you!!!

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yours faithfully, KAFU.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our foreign professors. You gave us all the unique knowledge and experience; you presented us a great opportunity to improve our English language skills and to have professional training in the United States. And that has become a guarantee of our constant professional success.

                                                               Graduates of Kazakh American Free University


Graduate Questionnaire

Имеется ли научная степень? Где проходили практику (обучение) за рубежом? Как сложилась ваша судьба после выпуска? Достижения, награды? Другая информация, которую Вы считаете необходимой сообщить.