Guest lecture by Professor Sven Hellbach from the West Saxon University of Applied Sciences, Zwickau, Germany on the Topic “Immersion in the World of Virtual Reality”

Events that can expand our knowledge and perspectives always deserve special attention. This was exactly the case with the visit of foreign professor Sven Hellbach from the West Saxon University of Applied Sciences on September 12, 2023, who organized a guest lecture for students of the educational program “Information Systems” of the Department of Business of the Kazakh-American Free University. This event became a real celebration of knowledge and exchange of experience.

The lecture given by the professor was dedicated to one of the most exciting and promising areas in modern information technology – virtual reality.

Students of the Information Systems educational program actively interacted with the professor, asked questions and shared their own opinions throughout the lecture. This highlights not only their level of interest in the topic, but also their willingness to immerse themselves in the world of virtual reality.

One of the main points emphasized by the professor was related to the role of virtual reality in various areas of life. He emphasized that virtual reality is not only limited to entertainment and video games, but also has huge potential in medicine, education, engineering and even business. This technology has the potential to change the way we learn, heal, design, and many other aspects of our lives.

KAFU students listened attentively to the professor and actively participated in the discussion. The professor shared examples of successful projects and research conducted at his university, as well as the introduction of virtual reality technology into the modern world.

International exchange of knowledge and experience is always valuable, and this visit by a professor from West Saxon University was a wonderful example of such cooperation. We thank the professor for his fascinating and informative lecture and look forward to further development of cooperation between universities!

Department of Business