Guest Lecture on “How Technology and Changes in Legislation Affect the Audit Profession”

November 22, 2022 at the Kazakh-American Free University, the leading specialist of the internal audit service of «OESK» JSC Rinat Nagumanov, a guest lecture was held on the topic “How Technology and Changes in Legislation Affect the Audit Profession” for 3rd year students of the EP “Accounting and Audit” of the Department of Business as part of the study of the discipline “Audit” run by Senior Lecturer Natalya Urazova.

During the lecture, the speaker analyzed the impact of digital technologies on accounting and auditing activities. The listeners learned about interesting studies on the impact of digital technologies and artificial intelligence on people’s lives, including the labor market, the transformation of professions, people’s attitudes to new opportunities for learning and professional development and development that digitalization gives us. The second part of the presentation was devoted to assessing the impact of legislative changes on the practice of auditing. In the third part of the lecture, practical examples were given on the progress of the audit of individual sectors of the company. The speaker shared his experience in the field of those types of violations that are often encountered and how the use of digital technologies contributes to their optimization.

Lecture by Rinat Nagumanov aroused the interest of the audience, during which a large number of questions were asked. The speaker answered all questions competently and with interest.

At the end of the guest lecture, the students expressed their gratitude to Rinat Nagumanov for the interesting material and practical experience.

Department of Business