Guest Lecture on “How to Make Your Business Successful”

December 13, 2022, as part of the study of the discipline “Project Management” at the Department of Business of the Kazakh-American Free University with the participation of PhD Viktoriya Nepshina, a guest lesson was held with Stanislav Bashinsky, director of «Golden Train» LLP, on the topic “How to Make Your Business Successful”.

Stanislav is a graduate of KAFU in the EP undergraduate program “Information Systems” (2008) and the master’s program “Management” (2009).

The main goal of the lesson is to acquaint the student audience with an entrepreneur who, through his own experience, went through the formation and development of a business.

The speaker shared stories of unsuccessful projects and told what aspects should be into account in order not to make mistakes.

The 4th year students asked questions about how a business can survive among competitors, how to manage risks, and how expedientt it is to use credit resources in developing your business.

It was very valuable for the students to hear how to approach planning and setting goals not only for business, but also for life. After all, behind any business is, first of all, a person with his own ambitions, goals, doubts and aspirations. And the ability to turn these aspirations into money is one of the main qualities of an entrepreneur.

Responsibility is the essence of entrepreneurship. Therefore, the leader must first of all be responsible.

In general, the session was held in a friendly atmosphere and aroused mutual interest. We are grateful to Stanislav for the dialogue and look forward to further cooperation.

Department of Business