Implementation of Dual Training at KAFU

Dual training in educational institutions is a form of training in which the theoretical part of the training takes place on the basis of an educational organization, and the practical part takes place at the potential workplace.

With dual targeted training, students in the early stages of training acquire certain professional competencies, as well as such personal qualities as the ability to work in a team, the skills of optimal choice of technological solutions, and responsibility for the assigned activities. In general, during the practice, the student gets a new idea about the future profession and makes a decision about the correctness or incorrectness of career choice. In addition, it is extremely necessary for the employment of a future specialist.

Dual education is implemented at the Kazakh-American Free University in accordance with all requirements. This academic year, from October 3, 2022, students of the 3rd and 4th year of the educational program 6B01301 “Pedagogy and Methods of Primary Education” are undergoing an internship at «Secondary School No.32» in accordance with the curriculum. Under the guidance of a primary school teacher Anna Sazanbayeva , students prove their theoretical knowledge, get acquainted with regulatory documents, and receive valuable information about the methods and techniques of working on an updated educational program.

Department of Pedagogy and Psychology