Incorrupt Session

During the winter examination session at the Kazakh-American Free University, the leadership of the university, the student government, and the student development center organized a large-scale anti-corruption campaign “Incorrupt Session”.

The main goal of the action is the formation of legal consciousness and active citizenship of students, intolerance to manifestations of violations of the anti-corruption legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. According to the organizers, exposure to bribery is not an end. The main intention of the initiators of the “Incorrupt Session” is to explain to young students what corruption is and what its consequences can be.
As part of the “Incorrupt Session” campaign, KAFU implemented measures to ensure the objectivity and transparency of the examination session, which are aimed at eliminating informal relations and corruption in the educational environment

During the action, anti-corruption propaganda was carried out at the university: in all educational buildings of the university: traditionally there are “Confidence Boxes” for suggestions and comments, section “Questions on the Examination Session” was opened on the university portal, where the student can ask any questions on the examination session. Also, as part of the action, a survey was conducted among students on the subject of satisfaction with the quality of the provision of educational services and examinations, and open discussions of problems related to adverse facts during the examination session were organized.

The leadership of KAFU encourages students and undergraduates to take an active part in the prevention of the fight against corruption in the university, as well as control the conduct of the “Incorrupt Session” and seek justice within their rights to quality education.