Interactive Lectures at the G.S. Ohm Technical University of Applied Sciences

Within the visit of the delegation of the Kazakh-American Free University to the G.S. Om Technical University of Applied Sciences (Nuremberg, Germany), Head of the Foreign Languages Department, Yulia V. Novitskaya, gave a series of interactive lectures for undergraduate students of the EP “International Business and Technology” in the discipline “Academic Writing”.

During the lectures, the issues of writing different types of paragraphs for an academic essay were discussed. Students learned about the distinctive design features of this genre of academic writing, learned to recognize different types of paragraphs, formulate key ideas and provide arguments that confirm and develop the main idea, prevent a shift in focus and ensure coherence of statements. The students were highly active and demonstrated a high degree of interest in the teaching method, which was new to them. Both universities expressed hope for continued cooperation in terms of teacher exchange.