Individual Internet-based English tutoring (IBET)

Co-Serve International Language Consultants (CILC) is a division of Co-Serve International, a charitable organization in the U.S. State of Oregon that works to foster quality education and leadership development around the world.  Co-Serve International understands that language learning is a vital pre-requisite for participation in its international educational programs.  As such, Co-Serve International has developed Co-Serve International Language Consultants (or “CILC”), as a way to provide language training and language programs in the countries where they work. 

A key program of CILC is offering high-quality, affordable, individual, Internet-based English tutoring (IBET).  In this program, CILC employs highly qualified teachers from the Philippines, where English (American variant) is spoken as a national language.  These teachers connect with students over the Internet for regular sessions of individual English tutoring.  This program allows students to meet individually with teachers, providing maximum opportunity for conversational English practice.  The program also allows students to meet with teachers at times and locations that are convenient for them, often from their own homes.

The program requires that students have access to a computer with high-speed (DSL or broadband) Internet access, headphones, a microphone and a web-cam.  Students and teachers connect using the Skype program and by sharing textbooks. 

A normal tutoring schedule is 3 or 4 sessions per week, with sessions lasting 50 minutes.  Through the programs students work through 5 levels of practical, conversational English skills: Beginner, Beginner-Intermediate, Intermediate, Advanced-Intermediate, and Advanced.  Usually, a student can work through one level in about 6 months, taking 3 sessions per week, however this varies with each student.  After completing each level, students receive a certificate from Co-Serve International Language Consultants.