International Servant Leadership Program

General Description

The International Servant Leadership Program (or “ISLP”) is a unique program operated by Co-Serve International (formerly the Marshall Christensen Foundation) of Portland, Oregon, USA.  The ISLP is developed specifically for university students and faculty with the goal of impacting future leaders of countries.  The ISLP is highly competitive and is offered to students and faculty who already demonstrate significant leadership potential.  Students and faculty in the ISLP participate in a two-year process that includes the following four key components: Principles Course, Mentor Program, Summer Academy and Demonstration Project. 

Entrance Requirements for Students:  In order to participate in the International Servant Leadership Program, students must have been enrolled at KAFU on a full-time basis no less than one year.  Only participants with excellent English language skills should apply (B2 proficiency level).  The program is highly competitive and candidates showing strong leadership potential and personal excellence will be chosen for participation.

Application Process:  In order to apply for the International Servant Leadership Program, students should:

  1. Complete an official application (before September 15th of each year) available at the Center of International and Multilanguage programs.
  2. Take an English test and score at least at B2 level. Students, interested in improving their English, can take additional courses.
  3. Ask one or two of their professors (or their Dean or the Head of their department) to submit a recommendation on their behalf.  The application should be completed and submitted directly to the Center of International and Multilanguage programs.
  4. The selection committee will review applications and make final decisions. The members of the committee:
  1. Daniel Ballast – KAFU Vice-President
  2. Anna Kabardina – advisor on international programs and cooperation
  3. Serik Abilov – Director of the International Office
  4. Yuliya Novitskaya – Director of the Center of International and Multilanguage programs

The final list of the ISLP participants is approved by the VP of Academic Affairs Konopyanova G.A. and the President of KAFU Mambetkaziyev E.A.

Costs:  The value of the International Servant Leadership Program is approximately $10,000 per one participant.  However, students selected for participation are only required to pay $550 to cover a small part of the expenses for operating the program.  Annually, Co-Serve International provides 8-12 grants to cover the costs of the participating students. Students may attend the Principles Course at no cost.  During the Principles Course they can evaluate if they would like to continue in the program.  Students, who then choose to continue, should pay $500 to Co-Serve International while attending the Academy in the United States.  If students continue in the program, but are unable to attend the Academy, they are only required to pay $50. Students are also responsible for applying and paying for their visas and for their airfare. 

Components of the program:

Students and faculty in the ISLP participate in a two-year process that includes the following four key components:

Basic Course (30 hours).  The principles of servant leadership are presented to participants on-site at their universities.  Through stories, interaction, case studies and dialogue, participants grapple with leadership concepts that are often very different from those common in their culture.

Mentor Program (20 weeks).  In this module, participants work with a mentor to reflect further on what they learned during the Interactive Course on Servant Leadership and to continue to develop a deeper understanding of servant leadership.  The program is a series of 20 weekly e-mail discussions between participants and their mentors.  Using a workbook designed by Co-Serve, mentors and participants discuss a specific topic each week.  Part of these discussions are based on readings from Robert Greenleaf’s essay, “The Servant as Leader.”

The Summer  Academy (3 weeks).  After participants successfully complete the Mentor Program, they are invited from around the world to attend the Academy – a 17 day experience held in the Northwest United States in the summer each year.  The Academy helps students and faculty to experience the power of servant leadership in corporations, small businesses, non-profit organizations and government, as they personally get involved in different “communities of servant leadership.”  Note: The Academy is a very important experience in the ISLP.  However, Co-Serve International recognizes that not all students and faculty may be able to attend the Academy.  Therefore, participants may choose to complete the other three components of the program and not attend the Academy.

In Portland, Oregon, the Academy participants visit the following organizations:

  1. Intel International Corporation;
  2. Medical Teams International – humanitarian disaster relief organization;
  3. AKT – financial auditing and consulting firm;
  4. US Digital – developer of new sensor technologies;
  5. Western Pacific College;

In Bend, Oregon:

  1. American Licorice – candy factory;
  2. Bend Research – pharmaceutical research company;
  3. Healing Reins – therapeutic riding center in Central Oregon.

In Washington state:

  1. First Fruit of Washington – the largest privately owned apple orchard in the North West;
  2. Vista Hermosa – private elementary school;
  3. Collegium – city community center;
  4. Jubilee Ranch – rehabilitation center for teens at risk.

Demonstration Project (15 weeks).  After completing the Academy, students work together in teams over to complete a project that demonstrates servant leadership in their home community.  Participants work with a coach, assigned by Co-Serve International, during their project.  The project shows participants that their dreams for bringing change to society can be realized.