On November 25, 2022, an intellectual quiz in English “Jeopardy” was held at the East Kazakhstan Regional Children’s and Youth Library. The students of the Kazakh-American Free University of the 2nd year of EP “Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages” and “Translation Studies” of the American and Kazakhstani programs took an active part in this game: Yernar Upobaev, Nikita Gavryukov, Madina Tokhtarova, Diana Nasyrova, Semyon Anishchenko and Evgeny Tretyakov . This event allowed the teachers of the groups, Anna Smagina and Anna Oskolkova, to conduct their classes in a creative form.

The game consisted of 3 rounds. The first round was to work with the audience. The presenters asked simple questions, which were answered by students who then became the participants in the intellectual show. Following the results of the first round, 6 students continued the game. The second round consisted of questions of various complexity and topics, such as: history, sports, culture, literature, etc.

Nikita Gavryukov, a 2nd year student of the EP “Translation Studies”, who scored more points in the previous rounds, went to the final. In the final round, he had to answer a question and guess what was in the black box. He successfully coped with this task. All participants received certificates for participating in the game.

We thank the employees of the East Kazakhstan Regional Children’s and Youth Library for their cooperation!

Department of Foreign Languages