KAFU Students Take Part in the Olympiad “Electoral Systems of the World”

From September 15 to October 30, 2023, the International Institute for Monitoring the Development of Democracy, Parliamentarism and Observance of the Electoral Rights of Citizens of the IPA CIS Member States, the Saratov State Law Academy and the International Center for Scientific Information held the IV International Student Internet Olympiad “Electoral Systems of the World” among the students of universities of the IPA CIS member states.

Our university was represented in this Olympiad by the following students: Meyyrym Zarlykanov, Daria Kuchina, Kamila Skakova (3rd year, EP “Law and Law Enforcement”), Angelina Khoreva and Alua Aubakirova (3rd year, EP “Jurisprudence”).

We thank the organizers of the Olympiad and our students for their participation!

Department of Law and International Relations