“Kazakh” Newspaper: 110th Year Jubilee

In 2023, local journalism celebrates an important anniversary – 110 years of the «Kazakh» newspaper. This is the first Kazakh socio-political, literary and cultural publication, published from 1913 to 1918.

«Kazakh» published articles on Kazakh culture, taxation issues, education issues, the pros and cons of Kazakh nomadic life and ongoing settlements, etc. 

The founders of the Kazakh newspaper wanted to carry out Western-style reforms in the Kazakh lands as the first step in the gradual movement of the Kazakh people towards autonomy and independence.

Number 1 was published on February 2, 1913. In honor of this event, the educational program “Journalism” hosted an event dedicated to the anniversary of the newspaper “Kazakh”. Students and teachers recalled the history of this publication, the publishers and the first authors who made a significant contribution to the development of domestic journalism. The peculiarity was also that the anniversary of the newspaper “Kazakh” was held in MediaHub.

A university-based media hub is a platform for immersing participants in the practical experience of working as a journalist and applying the acquired knowledge in practice. Mediahub will be a co-working space that brings together young people who want to be creative, showcase their talents, express their opinion on current events and share it with others, as well as media professionals who want to create their own projects.

As part of this event, Vlada Chmutova and Berik Sarsekov prepared video reports, which can be found on the KAFU Youtube channel.

Department of Pedagogy and Psychology