Mechanisms for Selection, Preparation and Admission to the University

In most cases, modern high school students approach the prom with an exact answer to the question of what to do next. And if most students doubt until the last moment, then the future major is almost always known in advance. So, almost every fourth student is going to become a manager or a translator.

Choosing a profession is an important and responsible step that can greatly affect the future. Therefore, before making a decision, it is necessary to carefully study the information about possible professions, their requirements and prospects, as well as understand your interests, abilities and values in order to choose the most suitable profession for yourself.

Most often, the choice of a university occurs spontaneously. Without knowing all the possibilities of the university, it is difficult to navigate the flow of information. Such an opportunity this year was presented only to the participants of the KAFU Major-Specialized Class project.

Typically, families of high school students begin to choose a university 1-2 years before admission. 

During this academic year, students of the KAFU Major-Specialized Class project were given the opportunity to get to know the specialties by attending the classes.

And on April 7, a meeting of the target audience with the heads of departments and the head of the marketing and admission department was held. During the meeting, students of the KAFU project had the opportunity to learn about the requirements for admission, the specifics of studying in the chosen specialties, as well as about the prospects for employment after graduation. In addition, the audience got acquainted with the programs and conditions for admission to the chosen specialties, as well as learned about the possibilities of obtaining additional educational certificates and passing foreign internships.

The choice of profession is not final. A person can change his occupation in the future, relying on new knowledge, experience and interests. Therefore, it is important to be ready for learning and continuous self-improvement in order to be in demand and successful in your career.

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