Modern Civilization and the Challenges of the Time to the Education System

On March 15 and 16, 2023 at the Kazakh-American Free University, together with the Moscow City Pedagogical University, Andrey Terov, Candidate of Pedagogical Sxiences, Senior Research Fellow of the Laboratory of Individualization of Continuous Education and Tutoring of the Institute of Education and Science, Associate Professor of the Directorate of Educational Programs of the Moscow State Pedagogical University, Chairman of the Methodological Council of the Moscow State Pedagogical University for Mentoring at KAFU.

As part of his visit, the speaker held a number of events for school teachers, teachers of colleges in the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk and East Kazakhstan region, faculty and students of KAFU undergraduate and graduate programs in pedagogical areas.

On March 15, a workshop “Modern Civilization and the Challenges of the Time to the Education System. Ways to Achieve Results”, as well as a guest lecture “Scientific and Theoretical Foundations of the Individualization of Education at the Present Stage”, a design seminar was held “How an Additional Educational Program Will Be Organized Based on Individualization. How to Become a Member of the Program? Personalization, Individualization, Tutoring as Directions and Ways of Professional Development and Growth”.

On March 16, a workshop was held on the topic: “Tutor, Mentor – Teacher of the Present and Future. How to become a tutor, mentors while remaining a representative of the teaching staff, teacher, leader at school and university? Formats, models, methods of mentoring and tutoring in everyday pedagogical activity.

It is worth noting the meeting of Andrey Terov with the KAFU administration. At this meeting, a discussion was held of the prospects for further international cooperation, the development of joint scientific, scientific-practical and professional-educational activities.

The development of international cooperation in the pedagogical direction is an important factor in the development of education and contributes to the creation of a global community of teachers who are ready to solve modern problems in the field of education and upbringing.

The Kazakh-American Free University thanks the Moscow City Pedagogical University represented by Andrei Terov for fruitful cooperation, new formats for joint activities, interest in the international exchange of experience and knowledge, development of new pedagogical methods, improving the quality of education, creating new educational opportunities for students, undergraduates and teachers!

Department of Pedagogy and Psychology