Nauryz Meiramy at KAFU

Nauryz meiramy is a holiday of spring awakening and renewal, this is one of the most beloved and popular holiday in Kazakhstan.

On the eve of Nauryz Meiramy, the Kazakhstan-American Free University hosted a wonderful and spring-like warm holiday according to the eastern calendar: yurts were installed, festive tables (dastarkhans) were organized with traditional treats (nauryz-kozhe, palau, koumiss, baursaks, shubat, etc.) for students of the university, the Higher College of KAFU and colleges of East Kazakhstan region, as well as the guests of the celebration.

The festive event was opened with the rituals “Alastau” and “Shashu”, then girls and boys – students of the Higher College of KAFU – in elegant national costumes performed an incendiary dance “Kara Zhorga”, charging all those present with a cheerful and joyful mood.

The Head of the education department of the East Kazakhstan region Innesa Chernysheva addressed the audience with congratulations.

An exhibition of students’ applied arts was organized in the foyer of the educational building. During the holiday, a ritual of tying a ribbon to a dream tree was held, national songs sounded, dances were performed, an intellectual game “Kazakh Folk Traditions” was held, sports competitions in arm wrestling, weightlifting, the game “Togyzkumalak”, a sports relay race.

Of course, the holiday did not go without the traditional rich dastarkhan: everyone who came tried the main festive dish – nauryz-kozhe and pilaf, which was cooked right there, in the open air.

We congratulate everyone on this beautiful spring holiday. May Nauryz bring prosperity, joy, good changes, happy hopes, wealth, and good luck to every home!

Nauryz meiramy kutty bolsyn!