Pedagogy and Methodology of Elementary Education

The field of pedagogical science that studies the principles, methods, and means of teaching children ages 6 to 10 based on psychological and pedagogical and scientific research.

Academic degree: Bachelor of Education 

Code and name of the educational program: 6B01301 “Pedagogy and Methodology of Elementary Education”          

Elective subjects:

After school: Biology, Geography      
After college: Fundamentals of Pedagogy and Psychology, Theory and Practice of Educational Activities     

Form and duration of studying:  

Full-time (after school) – 4 years     
On the basis of TPE (after college) full-time, shortened – 3 years 
On the basis of HE (after university) full-time, shortened – 2 years

Description of the educational program:

Pedagogy and Methodology of Elementary Education is a specialty that deals with the educational process in elementary school and the development of young children. This specialty assumes that educators working with elementary school children must have special knowledge and skills to teach children between the ages of 6 and 11.

Pedagogy and Methodology of Elementary Education is a multifaceted discipline that includes many topics such as:

  •  the fundamentals of child developmental and developmental psychology;
  •  learning theories and pedagogical technologies;
  •  methods of teaching reading, writing, and mathematics;
  •  the basics of working with parents and the teaching staff;
  •  socio-pedagogical diagnosis and correction of children’s development.

The teacher who teaches children in elementary school should be able to:

  •  to plan and conduct lessons, taking into account the age characteristics of children;
  •  create a favorable psychological atmosphere in the classroom;
  •  use different pedagogical methods and technologies to improve the effectiveness of teaching;
  •  develop children’s logical thinking, creativity, and social and communicative skills;
  •  evaluate the level of children’s knowledge and carry out their correction;
  •  work with children’s parents and the teaching staff to solve pedagogical problems together.

Career Opportunities:

Graduates of the specialty “Pedagogy and Methodology of Elementary Education” can work in elementary schools, kindergartens and various educational institutions for children. They may also engage in scientific and pedagogical activities in the field of primary education, develop textbooks and teaching aids for primary grades.

6B01301 Pedagogy and Methodology of Elementary Education