Presentation of Certificates of the US Embassy

On May 5, 2023, a solemn ceremony of awarding certificates of the international project of the US Embassy “Media Literacy as a Key to the Formation of a Competent Society of Media Consumption among Adolescents, Professional Journalists and University Teachers to Increase Society’s Resilience to Disinformation” was held.

Students of the following educational institutions of the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk took part in the training of the second stream:

  1. “Y.Altynsarin secondary school No. 39”;
  2. “Secondary school No. 24”;
  3. Higher College of KAFU;
  4. Kazakh-American Free University.

The award ceremony was opened by KAFU Vice President for International Relations Daniel Ballast, who noted the importance of the project and its relevance in modern realities.

The media market of Kazakhstan is expanding and diversifying, there is a demand for objective, professional journalism; at the same time, online consumption of news, stories and information sharing is at an all-time high. The current generation of teenagers can rightfully be called the “generation of bloggers” – their thoughts and video notes become content, and they become the media. They have a strong desire to become famous on the Internet, and often this desire blocks common sense. Today, media literacy is the most important skill that a person can have in the 21st century, building social resilience to disinformation.

The ceremony was attended by directors of schools Abyurova G.K., Mauithan L.M., director of the Higher College of KAFU Kikina M.I.

In their response, school principals noted that today is the era of digitalization, and in order to be competitive, we need to keep up with changes in the world around us.

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