Presentation of Second Foreign Languages

On May 26, senior students of the educational programs “Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages”, “Translation Studies” and “International Relations” made creative presentations of second foreign languages, namely German, Spanish, Turkish and Chinese. The main audience were 1st year students who are already taking the last exams of the summer session and are planning to choose their second foreign language.

German language students spoke in an interactive way about the cultural heritage of the language of Goethe and Mozart, about the importance of knowing this language in the modern world, and named a number of reasons why there is a need to learn German. The students approached the presentation of the second foreign language very seriously and at the same time creatively, they made a short film in German.

At the beginning of the speech, students studying Chinese spoke about the origin of Chinese writing, explained the difference between keys and hieroglyphs, and gave examples of the meaning of colors. For example, red and yellow colors symbolize wealth and happiness, black is nobility, and white is mourning. Further, the students’ presentation was devoted to the culture of China. As an example, the students chose the cartoon “Mulan”, which is associated with Chinese history and culture. In conclusion, the students emphasized the importance of learning Chinese in the modern world.

Students studying Turkish and Spanish also prepared and delivered a bright presentation, which spoke about the peculiarities of the culture, language and mentality of native speakers. For better perception of foreign speech, students presented dialogues in which they discussed everyday topics. The final performance was an energetic Spanish dance to the guitar.

At the end of the presentations, 1st year students were able to ask their questions and discuss possible difficulties in learning second foreign languages.

Department of Foreign Languages