Problems and Prospects of Continuous Education in the Republic of Kazakhstan

The integration of Kazakhstan into the world economy dictates the need for a quick response to the cardinal changes taking place in the world.

Against the backdrop of global changes, the requirements for competencies and qualifications of labor resources will only increase, which necessitates the intensification of the policy of regulating the national labor market and improving the education system aimed at improving the quality of the country’s labor potential and its effective use. The change of the paradigm “education for life” to “life-lasting education” revealed a new concept for the Republic of Kazakhstan – “lifelong education”.

June 8, 2023 Vice-Rector for Research and Development of Postgraduate Education, Ph.D. Yuliya Gavrilova and Ph.D. Head of the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology Assem N. Nurlanova participated in the session “Model Solutions for the Implementation of the Process of Continuing Education in a Digital Educational Environment” as part of the Week of Additional Professional Education, held by the educational and methodological consortium “International Association for Professional Additional Education” (Russia). Yulia Alexandrovna and Asem Nurlanovna made a presentation “Problems and Prospects of Lifelong Education in the Republic of Kazakhstan”, where they touched upon the problems and solutions to “lifelong education”.

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