An academic degree aimed at training specialists with comprehensive training, with further study of psychological science, psycho-correction and features of the organization of the educational process.

Academic Degree:

Master of Social Sciences

Code and name of the educational program:    

7M03104 “Psychology”

Core subjects:        

General Psychology, Developmental Psychology

Form of study and duration of study:    

Scientific and pedagogical master’s degree: 2 years

Description of the educational program:

The major “Psychology” in the magistracy is intended for students who want to deepen their knowledge and skills in the field of psychology, as a science of human behavior and mental processes.

As part of the program, students study various theoretical and methodological approaches in the field of psychology, including developmental, cognitive, social, clinical, general, personal and other approaches. They also gain hands-on experience in various areas of psychology such as diagnosis and assessment of mental conditions, counseling, psychotherapy, problem solving, etc.

The program also includes the study of modern research in the field of psychology, which helps students to better understand the problems and challenges that people face in the modern world. Among them may be research in the field of health psychology, cross-cultural psychology, personality psychology, etc.

Master’s students in Psychology also gain skills in the field of scientific work, including research methods, data analysis, and writing scientific articles and reports. They can also participate in hands-on activities and projects that help them develop communication, planning and leadership skills.

Career opportunities:

Graduates of the program can work in a variety of fields, including education, healthcare, business, social work, and law enforcement. They may work as psychologists, counselors, psychotherapists, trainers, researchers, teachers, and other professionals in the field of psychology. They can also continue their education and receive a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in psychology.