Scientific and Methodological Seminar “Planning Academic and Research Writing” at KAFU

On October 31, 2023, the events of the International Scientific Congress “World Education and Science: Joint Overcoming of Global Challenges” started at the Kazakh-American Free University. As part of the congress, the Candidate of Philological Sciences Berdibek N. Biyarov conducted a scientific and methodological seminar on the topic “Planning Academic and Research Writing.” This seminar was attended by the lecturers and 1st-4th year students of pedagogical educational programs. At the seminar, the speaker presented valuable information about writing and further promoting scientific work; upon completion, the listeners expressed gratitude to the speaker, and the issues of interest were discussed.

The International Scientific Congress is held at KAFU annually and is a significant event in the promotion of education and science, bringing together scientists, lecturers and students to exchange ideas and experiences, promoting the development of the academic community and working out the solutions to global problems. The Congress events will last until November 3. The Congress program can be found on the university website.

Department of Pedagogy and Psychology