Seminar “Translation Realias in the Age of Artificial Intelligence”

On November 2, 2023, within the framework of the International Scientific Congress “World Education and Science: Joint Overcoming of Global Challenges,” a seminar was held on the topic “Translation Realias in the Age of Artificial Intelligence” under the guidance of a practicing translator, lecturer of the Department of Foreign Languages, Anna V. Smagina.

The seminar participants discussed the current trends and challenges the translators face in the era of artificial intelligence. The topics included important aspects such as using iOS for translators, tools such as Chat GPT, and the impact of artificial intelligence on machine translation. These topics are not only relevant, but will become the key to future success in this exciting profession.

The seminar, led by a qualified practicing translator, was an excellent opportunity for participants to exchange knowledge and experience, as well as discuss strategies for the effective use of innovative technologies in the field of translation. The event participants concluded that modern technologies, including artificial intelligence, can be a powerful tool for improving the translation process, provided they are used correctly in combination with the professional skills of translators.

Thanks to everyone who joined the discussion!

Department of Foreign Languages