Spring Action

Spring is a time of warmth, smiles and tenderness. It is with the advent of the first sunny and warm days that we address words of gratitude to all the women of the world. After all, a woman is a symbol of love and happiness, the keeper of the family hearth and comfort.

Support for those in need has become a good tradition of our university. On the eve of International Women’s Day, students of the Kazakh-American free university provided charitable assistance to a large family in the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk.

Mom is a hero, this is how you can characterize a beautiful resident of our city. Damira Jadraeva has been raising 4 children on her own for several years now. Admiring her inner strength and kindness, she is a model for most women who find themselves in a similar situation. Damira is an example of courage and perseverance, combining the role of mom and dad, she serves and supports her children. After all, despite the difficulties, she continues to give love and care.

As part of this wonderful spring holiday, we decided to congratulate and express our deep respect to Damira for her hard work in the form of the necessary assistance.

Women’s work is not easy, and every woman wants to feel needed and loved. On March 8, it is customary to speak only warm words, so we sincerely wish all women to find their happiness and well-being, to illuminate this world with bright smiles and a fabulous mood.

Happy March 8, dear ladies!

Vlada Chmutova, EP “Journalism”

Student Development Center