The work of the student scientific club “Mediator”

On March 14, 2023, within the framework of the “Developing school-based mediation teams as a way of preventing conflicts and forming a tolerant behavioral culture” project funded by the US Embassy Small Grants Program, a practical lesson was held on the topic “Mediation as a way conflict resolution in international law”.

The lesson was held as part of the work of the student scientific club of the Department of Law and International Relations “Mediator” in a specially equipped Mediation room.

Under the guidance of the project coordinator, Candidate of Law Gavrilova Yulia Aleksandrovna, students of the educational program “International Relations” and “Jurisprudence” in English studied the scope of mediation in the USA, Australia, Great Britain, got acquainted with the main international documents in the field of mediation, using the example of the laws “On mediation” of Kazakhstan and foreign countries determined the basic principles of mediation procedures.