Trance Methods of Work in Counseling

On November 15, 2023, the invited practical consulting psychologist Vera Kulenova demonstrated the method of “Regressive Hypnosis” to the students of the EP “Psychology” within the discipline “Fundamentals of Psychological Counseling”, on the topic “Trance Methods of Work in Counseling”. This method is based on Ericksonian hypnosis, psychoanalysis and the Jungian approach and belongs to the direction of transpersonal psychology.

The regressive method involves searching for information in the memory of the unconscious in order to further consider this information with the help of consciousness. In this case, the regressionist puts a person into a trance, with the help of which he can relive events that have already happened. These can be both traumatic events and resource states, where a person finds strength, thanks to which he is able to solve current problems much more effectively.

The practical lesson included pair work techniques and a demonstration session.

Department of Pedagogy and Psychology