Workshop “Behind the Scenes of the Investigation: Journalist’s Secrets”

A workshop on the topic “Behind the Scenes of the Investigation: Journalist’s Secrets” was conducted for students of the EP “Journalism” by Dmitry Zaitsev. Dmitry is a 2021 graduate of KAFU EP “Journalism”, journalist-correspondent, author of documentary and analytical films of the “Khabar” TV channel, department of investigative journalism.

During the workshop, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students learned about methods of collecting information, analyzing facts and compiling investigative materials. Dmitry spoke about the importance of fact-checking, neutrality and objectivity in journalism, as well as how to establish contacts and interact with different sources.

Students also discussed the ethical aspects of journalism and the principles of protecting privacy and information security. Dmitry Zaitsev shared his experience and examples from practice, which helped students better understand the complexities and responsibilities of the journalistic profession.

This workshop was a valuable experience for future journalists, providing them with unique knowledge and inspiration for their future careers in journalism and investigations.

Department of Pedagogy and Psychology