Workshop for Philologists “Pantheon of Slavic Gods”

February 9, 2023 at the Kazakh-American Free University, Lidiya Misevra, teacher of the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology held a workshop for students of the EP “Russian Language and Literature” in the discipline “Russian Verbal Folk Art”.

As part of the practical lesson “General Characteristics of Mythological Thinking, Its Reflection in Speech, Being and Folklore”, students plunged into design and research activities.

As part of the lesson, the intellectual game “Magic Chest” was held, which stimulated the interest of students and allowed to check the level of mastery of the topic. Students were asked to get a figurine of a Slavic deity from the casket, identify it and tell as many facts as possible about this character and his connection with Russian folk art.

Non-standard teaching methods used at the workshop increased students’ confidence in themselves and their abilities, allowed them to show their originality of thinking, and contributed to the formation of the ability to find a way out in the most unforeseen situations. The acquired practical skills will allow students to introduce such a system of classes in their further work as a teacher.

Department of Pedagogy and Psychology