Workshop on “Integrated Consulting and Management Control”

Within the framework of the XIII International Forum of Young Scientists “Modern Scientific Areas: from Applied Research to Innovation” from April 19 to April 21, 2023, workshops on the topic “Integrated Consulting and Management” were held at the Kazakh-American Free University for the faculty and students of the Department of Business Control.

The speakers were Professor Bernd Zirkler (PhD), doctoral student of the program “Management” Stefan Noack, researcher Meloni Weber – WHZ Zwickau University of Applied Sciences; Prof. Kai Nobach (PhD) – Georg Simon Ohm Technical University of Nuremberg.

The workshop addressed the following questions:

  • basics of management consulting;
  • basics of managerial control;
  • business planning and performance evaluation;
  • flexible budgeting of expenses;
  • profit control and marginal income;
  • planning and control of cash flows;
  • digital transformation and management systems.

As a result of each workshop, various issues in the field of consulting and management control were discussed.

Department of Business