Seminar from an American Professor at KAFU

Doctor PhD, Professor Ronald Wiley (Director of Resource Exchange International in Central Asia) on January 25-26, 2024 conducted a seminar for 2-3 year students of the educational program 6B03101 “International Relations” of KAFU.

During the seminar, Professor Wiley raised and discussed a number of pressing international relations issues facing countries and regions in the world today. He presented an analysis of the dynamics of modern international relations, touching on issues of global politics, economics and sociocultural influences.

Particular attention was paid to the problems of international conflictology, where Dr. Wiley shared his professional experience and expert knowledge. Students received a unique opportunity to look at international conflicts from a practitioner’s perspective, which complemented the theoretical learning received as part of the course.

Ronald Wiley’s seminar not only broadened the students’ horizons, but also inspired them to strive for a deep understanding of the complex aspects of world politics. This event not only enriched the educational environment of KAFU, but also emphasized the importance of practical experience and current knowledge in the field of international relations.

Department of Law and International Relations