Art Therapeutic Approach in Psychology

On September 09, 2023, the 4th year students of the EP “Psychology” within the discipline “Art-Therapeutic Approach”, worked with a practical psychologist-consultant Vera Kulenova, a graduate of KAFU. She demonstrated the method of dance and movement therapy. This is a branch of psychotherapy in which dance and movement are used as a process that promotes the emotional and physical socialization of the individual.

The goal of the method is to become aware of one’s own body, create a positive image of it, develop communication skills, and gain group experience.

During the group work the following techniques were used:

1. Expanding the variability of one’s own movements in group and pair work.

2. Analysis and diagnosis in dance movement therapy – Laban analysis (LMA).

3. Practical study of the most unused area.

4. Teaching non-judgmental feedback to the person watching the dancer’s movement, etc.

Department of Pedagogy and Psychology