Creative Meeting with Journalist, Public Figure and Author of Popular Historical Bestsellers V.G. Obukhov

On January 31, 2024, 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students of the EP “Journalism” of the Kazakh-American Free University took part in a creative evening with a journalist, public figure and author of popular historical bestsellers Vadim G. Obukhov. The meeting was dedicated to his 65th birthday.

Vadim G. Obukhov is the author of historical bestsellers, which consistently take top positions among books on military topics. There is a demand for the writer’s books in Russia, the Baltic states, Israel, Germany, and other countries. Starting with his first book, Vadim Obukhov has been exploring the history of East Turkestan of the middle of the last century. Also, from his first book, the writer has been exploring the topic of uranium, describing the events related to the exploration of deposits of strategic materials and their extraction, the construction and operation of the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site, and the history of the Ulba Metallurgical Plant.

We would like to express our gratitude for the invitation and the opportunity to take part in such a significant event!