“Foreing Language” Department subject

Bachelor program


  • Basic foreign language in the context of intercultural communication
  • Second foreign language
  • Business English
  • Information technology in translation
  • Lexical and grammatical workshop on basic foreign language
  • Literature of England and America
  • Bilateral Interpreting
  • General / Special translation theory
  • Fundamentals of professional translator’s activity
  • Basic theory of the target language
  • Practice of informative translation
  • Translation practice
  • Translation practice of the second foreign language
  • Interpreting Practice
  • Practice of oral and written speech in the basic foreign language
  • Practice of Literary Translation
  • Workshop on the culture of verbal communication
  • Text analysis before the translation
  • Professionally Oriented Foreign Language
  • Specially-professional foreign language in the context of intercultural communication
  • Country studies
  • Theory and practice of intercultural communication
  • Technical translation
  • Special translation
  • Functional stylistics of foreign and Kazakh / Russian languages
  • Language for Academic Purposes


  1. Basic foreign language
  2. Introduction to the teaching profession
  3. Second foreign language
  4. The politcal system of target language’s origin country
  5. Business English
  6. Foreign language
  7. Information technologies in teaching foreign languages
  8. Public Speaking
  9. The literature of target language’s origin country
  10. Methodology of teaching foreign languages
  11. Fundamentals of developing a new course in foreign language and assessment of language skills
  12. Standardized Testing
  13. Basic theory of the target language
  14. Workshop on the theory of multiple intelligences
  15. Fundamentals of Intercultural Communication
  16. Professionally Oriented Foreign Language
  17. Specially-oriented methods of teaching a foreign language
  18. Stylistics
  19. Country studies
  20. Language for Academic Purposes
  21. Language for Special Purposes

Master program


  1. Academic Reading
  2. Second foreign language
  3. Foreign language (professional)
  4. Preparation for TOEFL / IELTS
  5. Organization and planning of research
  6. Evaluation and control of knowledge
  7. Teaching of reading and writing
  8. Creation of a new training course in foreign language
  9. The modern methodology of foreign language education in high school
  10. Modern technologies in teaching foreign languages
  11. Comparative Typology of native and foreign languages
  12. Stylistics of scientific text
  13. The nature and organization of higher education


  1. Bilateral Interpreting
  2. Linguistic and stylistic text analysis
  3. Translation in the field of business communication
  4. Modern computer technology in translation
  5. Functional, pragmatic, and discursive problems of translation.